Our platform serves as an innovative communication bridge between celebrities and their fans, enabling personal interactions through video and voice calls. Fans have the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite celebrities, paying for their time based on a user-friendly point system.

Transaction Process and Pricing Structure:

During the checkout process, fans are charged based on the package they select, with each package offering a different quantity of points at varying price points.

These points correlate directly to minutes of interaction time, with the conversion rate and pricing set by the individual celebrities. For instance, if a celebrity sets their rate at 1 USD per minute, it equates to 4 points per minute for the fan. Fans have the freedom to choose how they utilize their purchased points, allocating them across bookings with their preferred celebrity or spreading them out to interact with multiple celebrities on our platform.

Booking and Scheduling:

Celebrities are equipped with a unique profile link, which they can share across their social media channels, directing fans to book calls directly. The celebrities have the flexibility to set and manage their availability, creating specific time slots for fans to book. Upon booking, both parties receive an email confirmation with all necessary details, including the meeting link. After the interaction, our system automatically calculates the total amounts based on the actual duration of the meeting, adjusting balances for both the celebrity and the fan. A confirmation email summarizing the transaction is sent to both parties.

Usage of Points and Future Bookings:

The points purchased by the fan are not restricted to a single use; remaining points can be utilized for future bookings, offering flexibility and convenience.

This model not only encourages repeat interactions but also enhances fan engagement, creating a sustainable ecosystem for both celebrities and fans on our platform.

We are committed to providing a transparent and secure transaction environment, ensuring that all parties have a clear understanding of the process and the associated costs. Our platform stands as a testament to the innovative use of technology to foster personal connections, bringing celebrities and fans closer than ever before.