How Dially Works?

The celebrity creates a Dially account using email or by logging in directly through their Google account. The celebrity or influencer has the opportunity to explore the entire platform, and the system will automatically generate a unique profile link for the celebrity, which will be prominently displayed on their profile page. The celebrity can then easily share this link across their various social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other platform where they are active).

When fans click on the shared link, it will directly redirect them to the celebrity’s profile page on the website, where they can book a call based on the celebrity's availability. Once on the website, fans have the option to choose the type of interaction they desire, whether it's a voice call or a video chat.

Upon booking, both parties receive an email confirmation with all necessary details, including the meeting link. After the interaction, our system automatically calculates the total amounts based on the actual duration of the meeting, adjusting balances for both the celebrity and the fan. A confirmation email summarizing the transaction is sent to both parties.

The celebrity has the flexibility to define future time slots based on their availability, and these time ranges will be presented to their fans for booking calls within those slots. It's important to note that each slot may accommodate multiple bookings from different fans, with the number of minutes booked by each fan within the available time range set by the celebrity.

During the checkout process, fans are charged based on the package they select, with each package offering a different quantity of points at varying price points.

These points correlate directly to minutes of interaction time, with the conversion rate and pricing set by the individual celebrities. For instance, if a celebrity sets their rate at 1 USD per minute, it equates to 4 points per minute for the fan. Fans have the freedom to choose how they utilize their purchased points, allocating them across bookings with their preferred celebrity or spreading them out to interact with multiple celebrities on our platform.

The points purchased by the fan are not restricted to a single use; remaining points can be utilized for future bookings, offering flexibility and convenience.

This model not only encourages repeat interactions but also enhances fan engagement, creating a sustainable ecosystem for both celebrities and fans on our platform.

Moreover, the celebrity can exercise control over the pricing for both voice calls and video chats, setting a specific price per minute.

What sets our platform apart is that our users receive the precise amount calculated solely based on the number of minutes utilized during their calls. This amount corresponds precisely to the price set by the celebrities for each minute of interaction. There are no discrepancies or variations in the compensation received by our users on our platform and no additional commissions imposed by the platform.

Furthermore, celebrities have access to a comprehensive report for each individual call, ensuring transparency and confirming that they are receiving the stipulated amount for their interactions.

Moreover, Dially ensures a secure and user-friendly booking process. Once a fan has chosen their interaction type, they can effortlessly schedule a voice call or video chat, taking into account the celebrity's availability and specifying the desired duration of the call.

Our platform employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee smooth communication and the utmost privacy throughout these interactions. Additionally, we offer a secure payment procedure wherein the celebrity receives the exact same amount they have set in their settings, without any commission charged by the platform.

In addition, celebrities have the flexibility to select their preferred payment method for receiving their earnings. This encompasses options such as bank wire transfer, cryptocurrency transfer, PayPal, or any other convenient method that facilitates periodic money transfers. At Dially, we strive to make the financial aspect of the platform as hassle-free and accommodating as possible for our valued users.